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Sunday, February 27, 2011

maintaining the maintenance

So it's been nearly a week since i stopped the hCG diet cycle and have been on maintenance ever since, and am happy to report that my weight has stayed the same, 25 pounds lost, somedays it flucuates a pound or so but then bounces right back. so at least if nothing else i've learned how to do the maintenance thing well, if i can make time to add in more exersize i might even lose weight on this part too!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

cycling thru the cycles

So I survived my first cycle of hCG. Yes it's hard to stick to at first, but I have found a real love for the natural foods I've been eating and my body feels so much better to have shed 23 pounds! Can you believe that?! I am finishing up my last few days of the cycle without the drops and then it's on to the maintenance cycle. I will get to eat foods like cheese again, and even get some light olive oil based dressings for my salad....oh the little joys! LOL

I didn't reach my goal, which may have been a bit lofty, but I plateaued for the last several days and I'm ready to move on to the next cycle. I'll do maintenance for three weeks before doing one more round of hCG. I'm looking forward to those first two days of my cycle of hCG even though they're three weeks away, knowning I have days like that ahead of me where i'll be ALLOWED, even REQUIRED to eat fatty food, all those things I've wanted but been so good not to even touch, like pizza and chinese food and chicken barn....oh yeah baby!

See now even though those things sound soooo good to me, my weight loss has been so much more worth the work than a few minutes of pleasure from that food. I may be looking forward to those days now, but when it comes time, it may actually be hard to finally actually eat them again. I know that quitting soda was hard and i wanted so bad just to go back to it, but after three weeks on the diet i decided to reward myself with a little diet soda (since i WON'T reward my self with food that isn't healthy anymore) and after one sip i nearly gagged, I don't like soda anymore!!!!!!!!! Did you ever think that was possible? I know I didn't. But truthfully, the weight loss has been great, but the life change has been even more amazing, how I've learned new ways to prepare healthier dishes, I've got a whole new appreciation for eating right for my health, I'm so excited to start a new cycle of life, a healthy cycle. I'm so glad I finally decided to do this. And as a show of my gratitude I'll tell you my new weight because like last time I hope not to see this number on the scale ever again....


Haven't weighed this since before I had kids. I only have 8 pounds to lose to get to my breast reduction goal, and i WILL get there. I know not everyone has come to a phase in life of deciding their health is this important, and that's ok, but we all have goals and dreams, how are you doing on yours....are you out there making it happen? Because only YOU can makes your goals and dreams happen...YOU.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OVER weight and UNDER whelmed

I've never understood the meaning of underwhelmed, it never really made sense to me until now. I should be jumping for joy and excitement over the number on the scale today. 219. I have now lost 22 pounds. I had to weigh 220 or less to meet with the surgeon about breast reduction surgery, and i've passed that. Yet somehow the fact that i still feel like i want to lose more makes it so much harder to appreciate the little goals. When i was at 221 all I kept thinking was '1 more pound....1 more pound and i'll have finally made it.' but now that i have i wonder how i could have thought this was all i wanted. Yes i still want my breasts reduced and yes i still want to go get that done, and yes i'm excited for losing over 20 pounds, but it's not been noticed by a single person. I feel like a whole different person, but no one thinks i look any different, and for some reason that totally urks me. A lot of people have told me that when they lost weight nobody really noticed until they lost 30, so that's what i have to do to get some appreciate for my efforts? We'll see, cause I'm gonna get there, if not this cycle, then the next for sure, I'm creating a whole new me, and hopefully this is a me i'll hang on to for the long haul.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A time for change

You know it's strange how easy it is to resist food that isn't on my diet these days. At first it felt very hard, but I've made several new recipes for things that ARE on my diet that taste so good i don't even miss what i'm not having (cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, FAST FOOD, soda....that's right haven't had a soda in 2 weeks...go me!) I've also already lost 14 pounds, that makes it easy to resist because i know i only have 7 more pounds to go to meet the goal weight the dr set for me to be able to schedule breast reduction surgery.

I keep trying to picture what I'll look like, and how different my clothes will fit, not just from weight loss but from...well...boob loss. LOL. I was considering what size i want to go down to, and can you believe if i take off half of each breast i'll still be a DD? Ok maybe that's too much info for a public blog but it's the dang truth. I'm so tired of lugging around two watermelons on my chest all the time, i'm ready for some oranges! haha!

It really is amazing how a few pounds can make such a difference, my body feels so different to me already and i still have much further to go. I mean even though the dr's goal for breast reduction was 220 I would still rather be down to 190 or even 185 if possible, it won't happen over night but I'm gonna get there. I view the world completely differently now. I now see food as a way to sustain my health and existence....not to passify my comfort. I almost have a hard time watching people eating food that is so obviously unhealthy for their bodies and it makes me sad to think that they are poisoning themselves, i know, because i did that for many years. Food is a gift to strengthen our bodies but when we put things in our bodies that aren't good it wears our bodies down until they can hardly move from so many pains and discomforts and weight, I look forward to one day (in the next year hopefully) looking in the mirror and knowing that i was making the healthiest body possible for me, that this body would be able to do things I never could before. I want to be able to chase my kids around the park to dance more because it feels good and not get winded....and ultimately to live for many long healthy years watching my children grow and have families of their own someday. This is an amazing time for my husband and I both, a time when we have taken our health seriously before it is too late and are making a true change in our lives and the lives of our children as well, we're choosing life, we're choosing health. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me in so many ways through all of this!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Have you read or heard about the HCG diet? That's the diet i started a week ago. It's been amazing! I'm totally retraining my body to eat better and in one week i've lost 10 pounds! Can you believe that? So far i've been losing 2 pounds a day (the first two days are fat loading so you more likely gain weight those days then lose it) i cannot believe how fast i'm losing weight already!

You know i've been saying all along that i want to be "healthier" which is totally and entirely true, i do want to be healthy i don't want to wait until i've got a blocked artery to decide i need to eat better, or after a heart attack, i'm trying to make sure those things DON'T happen! But let's be honest here, as stupid as it sounds i want to be thin again. Not skinny, i hold no hopes of ever calling myself skinny again, but to feel thin would be such an amazing feeling. The sad thing is i know what i'm missing, i've been thin before and i know how great it feels, how much easier it is to buy clothes and how much better i felt in a's the little things. I've found the part of me that is a dieting perfectionist (that's how i got it done so long ago) and i'm sticking to this diet like nobody's business! it's awesome! It's hard avoiding the food i'm feeding the kids when it smells so good and i'm feeding them healthy portions of it but when i used to eat it i always over ate and that was the main reason i got FAT, yes i'm saying the F word.

Anyway, i'm feeling great so far and if anyone else is doing the HCG diet i'd love your advice and tips on how it worked for you, i'm personally finding that making my protein and veggie into a soup fills me up so much better (and i love feeling full LOL) what works for you to keep you on track?? i know that scale every morning is a HUGE motivator!