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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

off track...

Here it is, more than six months since this journey of weight loss began. I've maintained for about 3 or 4 months, and by maintain...i mean MAINTAIN! lol, i've been the exact same weight every single morning, 191. A weight i've been happy and content with despite not making it to my exact goal of 185. I tried to start up a cycle of HCG again but for some reason it didn't seem to be working as well for me and i looked on the bottle of HCG i had and realized it had an expiration date, lol DUH. I'm not going to run out and buy more or anything but that was a bummer. But still i've been happy with my maintenance, my clothes fit perfect (the new size 12's i bought a few months ago) and i am under 200 woo hoo!

This last weekend (by weekend, i mean the Husband Man's days off- Sunday, monday, tuesday) I went and stayed in Monterey with my sister, just for a break from life and some sister time. I have such an amazing husband who gives me breaks like this, seriously, i am the luckiest woman ever!! But i digress...

During this luxury vacation weekend (haha, sort of anyway) we ate our way through each and every day, nothing diet of any sort, just good ol grubb. I wasn't terribly worried since we also walked our way through a long weekend as well. I swear i walked a good 15 miles this weekend. My sisters's scale is my new best friend, it kept telling me i weighed 188, wouldn't that be nice! ha! My sister has held it over me for quite some time that she lost weight "the right way" by exersizing, and that's why her end weight was less than mine. She's become a sort of cyclist over the past two years and lost a fair amount of weight, and at one point told me she was down to 175, and yes it totally bugged me that she was lower than I was, but hey i had kids so that's my excuse! So anyway, i was lovin her scale the whole weekend, cause it was telling me that lovely number all weekend long. THEN.....I come home after a fun and tiring weekend, and in the morning i weigh myself and it says 196!!!!!!! What the heck???? Now there are a few scenario's playing out here, the obvious first one is HER SCALE IS NEARLY 10 POUNDS OFF!!! My scale is a digital scale that has been nearly exact to every doctor's office scale I've ever used so i trust it pretty well, hers is an old dial scale, and those things can definitely lie to you over the years! And then there is the question, how the heck did one weekend suddenly add 5 pounds when i have been closely maintaining my exact weight for so long???? I really didn't feel like i ate that differently from what i do at home, with one minor difference....on this trip i ate less often. We really did only eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner, they were larger meals and usually 5 hours apart, whereas at home, i eat about every two hours. I eat small things (not always healthy either) every two hours, and have maintained my weight all this time. I did not realize how much of a difference that was really making!!! Now of course if you factor in the whole "muscle weighs more than fat" i could consider that some of that weight could also be muscle from all the walking (because i NEVER walk that much) that could be part of it too. I just hope over the next week i can widdle that back down, because i nearly cried when i saw that!!!

Adam was trying to make me feel better by telling me how much he's gained back over the past 3 or 4 months but it didn't work. He's been slowly gaining that weight all along, he couldn't maintain his new weight because for him exersize is essential to keeping the weight off, so it didn't help because it wasn't comparable to what i am experiencing, which is a sudden shift from what i'd been maintaining so well!

I suppose i should be glad though, it's definitely gotten me back on track, i will admit i had slid back into several old patterns of larger portions or higher calorie foods, but i was still maintaining my weight so i didn't worry about it's time to get back to the dieter i know is in there and get off this last bit of weight, not only what i gained this weekend, but also the weight i never finished losing and get down to that 185 goal!!! I can do this!!!