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Sunday, April 3, 2011


I started my second cycle of HCG on Tuesday, which meant two days of fat loading which i HATED, because I actually don't enjoy that food anymore especially not the way it makes my body feel. And as expected I gained a few pounds on those days but I wasn't worried because I knew it would come right off once I started. The last cycle i did in the first week alone i lost 10 pounds i was losing two pounds a day after the first two days of fat loading. So i obviously expected similar results this time. Now backing up, I started HCG this week after my appt with the plastic surgeon because i wasn't sure how soon the surgery would be scheduled for and I wanted to make sure i lost the last 15-20 pounds before it. I actually have been losing weight just fine during my 'maintenance' real world eating phase. I had found a balance of food that tasted good and i didn't feel hungry and i was losing around 3 pounds a week. But since my experience previously with hcg i thought that would be a faster way to finish off the weight loss. However I am now on the 6th day of this diet and all i've managed to do is lose the weight gained during fat loading. I'm already plateauing at the same weight i was before starting this cycle. I didn't plateau last time until the second week. The thing is this is making me lose weight at nearly the same rate as i was before, back when i enjoyed what i was eating more and i could exersize. It feels like the reason it might not be working as well is that when i started this the first time i was eating terribly, i mean fast food at least once a day every day....yuck, but that made the new way of eating a big shock to my body, so of course i lost weight. but since for the last six weeks i've been eating normal healthy food (and enjoying it i might ad) i think that this slightly less food (But still the same kind of food) is not as much of a shock and therefore isn't going to have the same result as before. So looking at this as a lifestyle point of view i think i'm going to ditch hcg at this point. If i am losing at the same rate i was managing to lose it before, then why should i bother struggling to remember to take my drops three times a day and prepare different food than my kids and eat less times a day and everything that goes along with hcg, if i can acheive the same results with my own healthy eating, eating when i'm hungry, and getting to dance and exersize (which is not allowed on hcg because you're not taking in enough calories to support it).

Add to this the fact that they called this week to schedule my surgery for May 17th, that gives me a month and a half, or around 6 weeks, so if i lose an average of 3 pounds a week that would make me 18 pounds lighter by then....add to that the 3-5 pounds of weight taken off during surgery...and bada bing, i'm at my goal weight.

I'm not dissing hcg or anything, i think they just assume that most people go back to their way of eating crap and so the next cycle of hcg is still a good shock to the system and makes you lose weight. I've changed my whole eating outlook, and despite waiting the prescribed 6 weeks between cycles, i'm just not feeling it this time. I'm going to see how the next few days go and see if i can get below my current weight, 203 (38 pounds lost), but i'm pretty sure i won't be finishing out this full cycle. I'm not a quitter, and i hate the idea of quitting and not completeing something, but i also have to simplify life, and the way i was eating before was much simpler.

I wish that i could just look at the scale one day and see 199, that would make everything all better, if that's all i ever got to, i'd probably still be, just to be UNDER 200! only 4 pounds away, i'll be there soon enough and everyone will know it when i am!!

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  1. You will get there, and since you have made a lifestyle change, you don't need any extra "help". You know what to do and how to do it, and maybe it won't be a fast, but the weight will come off if you continue in your new healthy lifestyle. I am so proud of you, and your example to other girls and women! Keep it up girl! 2011 is bringing a whole new you!!