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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm wearing a size 12 right now and thuroughly enjoying it. So hard to beleive still that the person in the mirror is that much smaller than the one i saw in there such a short time ago. I'm plateauing again which is so frustrating, but at least it's at 199, lol, that feels a little better. I wish i could lose more than one pound at a time though, seems like i stay the same weight for a few weeks then all the sudden jump down a pound or two and get stuck again. I think i need to change up my game if I'm really going to get off the last 10-15 i'd like to lose to be comfortably under that ugly 200 mark. My ideal goal weight when i started this was 185, I'm only 14 pounds away from that, but I figure if i can lose 10 more on my own before my surgery, then maybe my surgery will take care of that last few?! Here's hoping.

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